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 About Us
About Us  

Xiamen King Display Fixtures Co., Ltd is one of leading fixture manufacturers in China. About 98% of our products are exported to U.S.A and Europe. We specialize in various custom fixtures made of wire, tubes, sheet metal, plastic, wood, glass etc. in different finishes, including zinc, chrome and powder coating.

We take each staff as foundation of our company and every people works together to be as a team, which always works as a unit. All our administrative members have engaged in this business for more than 6 years, with rich experience to ensure an effective management and lead the team to keep forward sturdily.
As a professional store fixtures manufacturer, now we own about 48,500 square feet production facility with full capacity for entire production cycle and we also own powder coating line.

At King Display Fixture Co., Ltd., we are committed to providing the highest level of  customer service, competitive pricing, speedy delivery and perfect quality.We look forward to working with you for all of your store display fixture needs with our qualified products and services. 


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